diffing entire directories mission
  • zooechometa February 2012
    I'm having trouble with this mission. The instructions indicate a switch for doing a file by file comparison between two directories. However, when I open the tarball, there is only one Recipe file in it. That doesn't seem consistent with the purpose of the exercise?

    I didn't find any instances of aubergine with capitol letters. There was no file extension, so I didn't know what to use on it, but notepad was able to open it, and it contained plain text.

    When I ran diff -ur, I only got a message that the binary files were different. I don't think you can patch that, can you?

    I also feel like something must be wrong because diff says these are binary files, but when you open them with notepad, you can view plain text.

    In the patching exercise, we learned how to apply an existing patch, but it didn't show us how to create one. In the diffing individual files, diff just produced some text that was piped to the console. So are we supposed to copy it and save it as a patch file?

    Thanks for any assistance/clarification
  • paulproteus November 2012
    Hi there,

    Sorry about the long delay in replying. The tarball, for me, has a *folder* inside called "recipes", and the folder has a README inside that explains what's going on.

    What you might have done is not extract the tar.gz file, which is what I'm called a "tarball", into its component parts. Since you wrote this post, we added that information to the hints box under "High" -- hopefully that will help people in the future.

    As for how to create a patch, you're right -- the text on the console is a patch file. You can either copy-paste it as you mentioned, or (as we now show you in the hints for http://openhatch.org/missions/diffpatch/recursive_diff ) you can use the ">" operator to save it to a file.

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