What do we want to use the forums for?
  • Hey everyone,

    We seem to have a forum now. Mega props to Karen (aldeka) for getting it styled nicely, in the nick of time.

    I have a question: What do we want to use a forum for? Here are some ideas:

    * Letting users have a place to ask for help on training missions

    * Discussing in public what we could use help on, e.g. with writing good plot-lines for training missions

    * Discussing what events we want to run, and how people can join in the event spree that seems to be going

    Anything in particular that you all want to talk about?

    The best way to make that happen is to just talk about it and bring up a new forum thread. Then we'll really see how the conversation goes.
  • kracekumar July 2011
    Nice one.
    Lets consider I have an idea or I found a bug in the forum or an enhancement should I report it as a bug in openhatch site or I can comment in forum ?
  • Mark July 2011
    Are you looking for specific categories of conversations? Honestly, I think it will take on a life of it's own over time, but here are a couple of ideas. They may be overkill, but something to think about regardless.

    Personally, having a category as a place where people can ask general questions about getting involved in opensource and spreading the word seems like a good idea. It would help build a community around those involved in open source activism.

    Having a newbie section (named something besides newbies) where people can ask questions if they are confused on exactly what to do to start getting involved. Many people find a forum less imposing than IRC when getting started.

    Maybe a category for site feedback and suggestions?
  • kracekumar,

    I would say if you find a bug in the forum, you should report it by filing a bug. But if you're not sure if it's a bug, feel free to make it a forum thread first.

    Mark, I think those would make three good categories. I've just made three new categories in the hopes of suggesting people talk about those things. If you want to change or edit them, you have that permission; feel free to do just do so!
  • kracekumar July 2011
    If any one clicks links in the answer ,the page is opened in current window,it would be nice if it is opened in new tab .

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