Interview for collaborators of Open-source/Free Software projects
  • robspain April 2013
    Hello everyone,

    For a college assignment, I'm looking for people who have worked in free software projects. I need to do a short interview to collaborators of this kind of projects. If someone wants to participate, I really would appreciate any help. It only takes about 5 minutes.

    These are the questions:

    - Why did you decide getting involved with open-source/free-software projects?

    - How long have you worked for these projects, how many hours a week?

    - What kind of work have you done: programming, documentation, translation, testing ...?

    - Did you do it in your spare time or as part of your work/student activity?

    - Is it difficult to participate in these projects, how did you start?

    - In these projects, is there pressure to delivery deadlines, quality control ...?

    - Did it help or can it help to improve your career?
    - What do you think are the advantages of free software?


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