Wider focus: getting NEW people to FLOSS
  • Usul October 2013
    Hi, I would suggest to improve openhatch in that way to become the #1 place for external people that like to contribute to FLOSS projects. What does this mean in detail:
    - not only coders, also translation, testers, designers, community-support, ...
    - not people familiar in this disciplines, also esp. for ext. newbies
    - eliminating the biggest barriers when joining a FLOSS project: find right contacts, find small tasks that needs to be done and that you can do in general
    - also for open data projects like wikipedia, OSM, ... as starting point

    So in the case of implementation, to me this means the following changes:
    - ask people more detailed about interests, skills, projects in interest, ...
    - allow projects to present currently to do tasks (not the mass on tickets from bugtrackers)
    - proactive assist people finding appropriate tasks even with a helpdesk
    I think this is an interesting approach: http://whatcanidoformozilla.org but I like it with more user control (no suggestions but let the user decide) and of course for all projects and not only Mozilla and the majors.
  • brittag October 2013
    Hi Usul! Sorry it took so long for me to notice your message! It's exciting that you're excited about making OpenHatch better - would you be willing to send an email to the OpenHatch Developers email list (http://lists.openhatch.org/mailman/listinfo/devel) describing your ideas in more detail? This forum isn't very active, but a bunch of contributors do watch that mailing list.
  • Usul October 2013
    So why then is here still a forum? I'm not a big fan of mailinglists and currently very busy, ....will see when I will find time.

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