Svn tutorial - commit step problem
  • Token January 2014
    I'm encountering the problem that when I use the svn commit command it just tells me that the GNOME keychain is locked and not interactive. I also get to save a temp file although I don't know why.

    What's the Gnone keychain, why is it locked, how do I unlock it, how is it a problem that it isn't interactive and how do I get finally to the point where I have commited something?

    And what is the difference between commiting and patching something?

    I'm on Ubuntu btw. I found this askubuntu thread and started to change things in the svn config. That didn't really do anything useful though.

    Thank you.
  • blueschick January 2014
    Hmm... So, you were able to check out the mission repo. Are you able to post the commands that you initially tried regarding the mission from your terminal window?
  • blueschick January 2014
    I'm glad that we got this to work for you on IRC today :-)

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