I need help with the "cloning a project" training mission
  • elundste June 2014
    In the "Cloning a project" training mission (it's the second subsection of the "Using git" section), I'm stuck on the command "git blame". I'm supposed to use it to find the name of the author responsible for a mishap, but when I type it in the command line, it just prints out what looks like a long list of commands and their functions. I don't see anything there that looks like an author name. One of the commands though, "--incremental", looked like it might potentially lead to an author name because its entry said "show blame entries as we find them, incrementally". However, it didn't work when I typed it into the command line. It just said:
    sh.exe": --incremental: command not found

    Can someone please give me a hint?
  • cbelk88 July 2014
    Not sure if you are still needing this, but you will use git blame 'filename'. If no filename is included it will just give you the git blame help page.
  • elundste July 2014
    Thanks! It worked.
  • sujitcse January 2015
    help me

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