the equipment offers longer lamp and ballast life
  • oaltsaon September 2015
    It eliminates cancer-causing electric and magnetic field (EMF) radiation from UV water sterilizers. And it increases ultraviolet (UV) output, which helps customers achieve desired results more quickly, and boosts a customer’s exposure to vitamin D, a much-needed nutrient that many people lack.

    And there’s more. Spangler said the equipment offers longer lamp and ballast life, and lowers maintenance and installation costs.Spangler is a tanning industry veteran who came up with the new ballast design. He graduated from East Tennessee State University in 1971, served as an officer in the U.S. Army, flew helicopters in the Army Reserves, and worked in the investment business as a certified financial planner for 10 years.

    Non-woven synthetic fibers such as polypropylene or polyester mat have been successfully used to help with both problems. The mat serves to “raft” the boards together so that, if they float, they will not be displaced and, as the water drains, they will nest together again as installed. The “filter” in filter fabric also serves to keep fines from clogging the drainage channels or wedging between the polystyrene boards.

    While there is no ASTM specification that describes suitable filter fabric, major suppliers of PMR systems have a list of approved materials. These generally consist of non-woven mats with UV treatment for greater durability. The mat is laid over the insulation boards with about a 12-inch side lap between sheets. At curbs and wall flashings, the mat is turned up vertically to the approximate height of the ballast.

    The shipping industry has been expecting to install ballast water treatment systems for nearly a decade fivergroup . But because all the standards are not yet set, companies have been standing by to learn exactly when—and to what extent--they will have to comply. Some new ships have been built with the systems, in anticipation of the new rules, but according to experts, the industry at large is not thrilled about the beefed up regulations and new expenses, especially in an economy that has many ships sitting in port and waiting to be hired. The cost, inevitably, will be passed along to the consumer.

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