Windows 10 data recovery
  • serenaclairegreat September 2015
    Does it ever occured to you that what’s the hot spot recently? There is no doubt that Windows 10 has been on the hot list. Everyone is discussing about it. Thousands of people are using Windows 10 now, especially when you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. But, as usual, there is always some shortcomings for anything, no matter how great it is. For instance, data loss happened a lot when people trying to upgrade.
    This is a very common phenomenon these days. So, what could we do to avoid this mess?

    As a matter of fact, Windows 10 data recovery could be very easy if you are using the right program. There are plenty of programs at the market. Here introduces Jihosoft File Recovery for it’s reliable function and high efficiency.

    Here comes to the key point, how to restore data from Windows 10 by Jihosoft File Recovery:
    1.Download Jihosoft File Recovery and launch it to your computer.
    2.Select C drive to scan. ( most data loss happened on C drive when upgrading to windows 10)
    3.Select particular data type that you need to retrieve.
    4.Check the showing list and Tap “ Recover” to retrieve files back.

    If you want to prevent the data loss from upgrading Windows 10, please pay special attention to:
    1.Make sure there is enough space at you computer (at least 20 GB free space and 1GB of RAW) before upgrading.
    2. The major point is to backup everything before upgrading! Backup is always your best friend. You will never know what could be happen!

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  • symondsa September 2015
    Windows 10 is the new launched version of Microsoft but you need to worried about corrupt and deleted data file and folder because Kernel for Windows Data Recovery Software now support Windows 10 version and provide better solution in three simple scanning modes.

    It can recover corrupt and deleted file, folder, image, audio, video etc from corrupted, deleted and formatted Windows partitions. You can also run this software to recover data from IDE, SATA, PEN, ZIP, USB drives.

    Get more ideas about this software and easily download free trial version visit

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