GroupWise to Office 365 Migration Tool
  • alishaallen September 2015
    GroupWise to Office 365 Migration software has effective and advance feature to resolve all conversion issues. It can easily convert GroupWise mailbox with all data into Office 365 account without any hassle. That software provides free demo version and it's supported Unicode characters. It supports all versions of GroupWise, MS Excel and operating systems. You can download free demo version, from here: -
  • nickolasweidler September 2015
    You can try Kernel Office 365 Migrator for GroupWise software which is fully capable to convert GroupWise mailbox accounts to an Office 365 account with full accuracy. That provides two key functionalities of the software, first is Single GroupWise Mailbox Migration and the second is Batch GroupWise Mailbox Migration. It supports all versions of Novell GroupWise and MS Excel. Read more information, Click here: -

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